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The Scansion Museum of the Pilica River in Tomaszow Mazowiecki

        The local authorities of Tomaszow Mazowiecki as well as the inhabitants of the town and its neighbourhood set their hopes on The Scansion Museum of the Pilica River that has been created in Tomaszow Mazowiecki for last two years. The Scansion Museum was founded thanks to united efforts of The Friends of the Pilica and Nadpilicze Society and the authorities of Tomaszow Mazowiecki. The enterprise aims in popularization and preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritage of the riverside region.

        One of the means to achieve this goal is an exhibition of objects which are directly connected with the Pilica and Nadpilicze Region. They have been moved successively to 2 ha area that was bought by Tomaszow Mazowiecki Town Hall in 1998. The monumental water-milk (with its XVIII century elements), which had escaped destruction during the building of reservoir on the Luciaza - tributary of the Pilica River, became the first exhibit and the germ of the Scansion Museum in Tomaszow. The mill has been accurately preserved. The foundations of the mill were laid last year on the premises of the Scansion Museum and the reconstruction of this valuable and complete example of riverside architecture and ancient milling technology is going to start next spring. After the reconstruction the mill will be partially started in order to demonstrate its work.

        In 1998 a faithful copy of the raft that had been used 100 years ago on the Pilica became the next unique monument in the Scansion Museum. The raft of the weight of 10 tons with its complete steering mechanizm, a shanty and a rafter`s oven in presented every year during the happening reconstruction of the floating of timber down the Pilica River. This year The Scansion Museum of the Pilica River is also planning to arrange the show of crossing of the river by last wooden ferry that has been brought from Domanivice near Nowe Miasto.

        The wreck of the unique World War II German artillery-tractor, that had been excavated in the Pilica in Tomaszow Mazowiecki last year, became the next spectacular acquisition of The Scansion Museum. Together with the armoured transporter excavated here in 1996 they will come into the separate section of the museum. The fragments of the World War II riverside fortification will be also exhibited here. Further excavations as well as shows-reconstructed battles on the Pilica, with the participation of excavated vehicles are provided.

        The seporate section of the Scansion Museum will exhibit the rich collection of monumental boats and canoes from the Pilica Region (the oldest ones dates from 1920s and 1930s). The reconstruction of the passanger steamship, which was afloat on the Pilica River 100 years ago is planned. The steamer will be reconstructed on its original hull that has been excavated in the Pilica River near Inowlodz.

        In the Scansion there will be also the museum exhibition presenting rare and valuable archivist, iconographic materials and publications concerning The Pilica and Nadpilicze Region, which have been gothered for 15 years. It is provided to arrange a stable and a coach-house offering coach and sledge excursions as well as horse-riding tours along the picturesque riverside trucks. The Scansion Museum will be organizing cyclic concerts, exhibitions and outdoor shows on aquatic matters as well.

        Favourable location in the close neighbourhood of the Pilica and famous, unique on European scale, wildlife sanctuary "Blue Springs", as well as its proximity to a busy international road are the vital advantages of the Scansion Museum. The guest of Tomaszow`s Scansion will be able to see other tourist and natural attractions in the vicinity of Tomaszow: the Sulejowski artificial lake, the Caves of Nagorzyce, the zubr sanctuary of Ksiaz, mysterious bunkers in Konewka and Jelen as well as valuable monuments of Sulejow, Spala and Inowlodz. Turists will be offered souvenirs and regional dishes, including "rafter`s soup" and smoked fish from the local smokehouse.

        Since 1998 The Friends of the Pilica and Nadpilicze Society has been arranging annual Pilica Festival. This year the Pilica Festival will be a proloque to organized by The Town Promotion Department "Now tell me how you'd feel coming... in Tomaszow" Festival.

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