Tomaszow Mazowiecki is one of the youngest towns in Poland. Its history was closely connected with developing industry in Poland in 19th century. Its beginning was closely connected with Count Tomasz Ostrowski, who in 1788 founded a mine and an iron foundry on the Wolborka River. The mine and foundry were soon closed down. Only his son Antoni Ostrowski created here the germ of manufacture, textile Tomaszow. In spite of hard times (Napoleon Wars, uprisings, Russian persecution) the colony developed very quickly.

Tomaszow Mazowiecki got the city rights in 1830. It took the name Tomaszow Mazowiecki (from Mazowsze - an old region of Poland where Tomaszow is situated).

In the 80`s of the XIX century Tomaszow become the leading textile industry center in the Polish Kingdom. Cloth and cord production predominated over developing industry in Lodz. Custom-politics introduced by the authorities enabled the export of Tomaszow`s textiles that even reached the far East markets of China and Japan.

The foundation of the railway to Koluszki was a significant contribution to the Tomaszow`s industrial development. As the result lots of big textile factories were founded in Tomaszow. In 1885 there were 20 big and almost 100 small textile institution. Eight thousand of people worked there. Some of Tomaszow`s factories, for example M. Piescha`s dressing and finishing workshops were concerned as the biggest factories in Europe. Goods from Tomaszow`s manufactures didn't yield in respect of quality to the best textiles from renowned West Europe factories.

As a result of hard competition towards the close of 19th century Tomaszow lost the leading position in wool textiles production on Lodz behalf. Through it was still an important center of cloth and finishing. It was also a significant center of carpet and rugs production. In 1911 there was built the first on Polish territory as well as in Russian Empire factory of rayon.

During World War I most of Tomaszow`s production plants were closed down and people suffering from hunger and plagues died in hundreds. The German occupied the town and they destroyed the majority of machines. Further development of the town was able only after gaining the independence in 1918. It was the period of reconstructing of textile and chemical industries.

World War II was the most tragic period in the town and its inhabitants` lifetime. There started complete extermination of the Jewish people, terror, raids, sending people to concentration camps and farced labour and numerous executions.

On January 18th 1945 Tomaszow became liberated from the German occupation.


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